Individual and Couples Counseling

Individual Counseling

About half of my practice is devoted to helping people at different stages of family-building. The other half is devoted to helping clients with a variety of needs, including:

  • Alleviating depression
  • Reducing anxiety
  • Healing from loss and trauma
  • Mending intimate, family and work relationships
  • Improving poor self-esteem and negative self-image
  • Learning ways to cope and thrive when facing difficulties
  • Discovering inner strength, passion and joy

Couples Counseling

I help couples address various concerns, including:

    • Beginning a new relationship and “getting it right”
    • Enhancing an existing relationship
    • Improving communication
    • Handling conflict productively
    • Increasing emotional and sexual intimacy
    • Recovering from affairs
    • Resolving imbalances in money, power, or commitment
    • Considering and planning for parenthood
    • Parenting effectively
    • Separating amicably
    • Dealing with fertility treatment
    • Deciding on adoption, collaborative reproduction or living without parenting

I work with heterosexual, gay and lesbian individuals and couples.