Silvia Schneider Fox, Psy.D.

Counselor, Coach and Consultant


I saw my first client, a little girl named Naomi, in Israel, thirty years ago.  Since then I have had the opportunity to train and work in a variety of settings and with an array of life issues.  I have worked with adults and with children; with individuals and with couples; with groups and with families.  I have practiced on inpatient units, at outpatient clinics, and on the medical floors of hospitals.  I have led workshops on issues such as grief and loss, stress management and recovery from addiction.  I have conducted numerous groups, supervised numerous students and consulted to numerous organizations.  I have performed psychological testing, neuropsychological evaluations and assessments of ADHD and learning disabilities.  I have evaluated candidates for egg donation, sperm donation and surrogacy.  To learn more about my experience with fertility, adoption and family-building, click here.

Throughout all these experiences, I have remained awed by the unique story of every client I have met.  I remember each one with fondness and respect.  I recognize that every person who walks into my office makes me a witness to their life journey and a partner to a portion of it.  More than ever, I feel honored by, and deeply committed to, this treasured partnership.

Therapeutic Style

Most clients perceive me as warm and approachable.  I believe it is my job to help people see patterns that hold them back and I am not afraid to do so, but I also believe in relating my observations in a gentle, simple, non-judgmental manner.  Clients tell me that this manner has allowed them to hear difficult truths they were never able to face before and that it has motivated them to change.

I find that many of my clients prefer me to take an active and animated role in our sessions.  With them, therapy takes the form of a dynamic dialogue.  I share my observations, my hypotheses and my suggestions freely.   Frequently, we focus our work on one or two main issues and I periodically help the client return to those “core issues” in order to resolve them speedily and effectively.

Other clients come to therapy with only a need to speak and to be heard.  They prefer me to sit back and listen.  With them, my focus is on careful understanding of their experience and their point of view.  I try to summarize, organize and validate these experiences without imposing unwanted suggestions.

In most cases, sessions are fluid and dynamic, incorporating both of the strategies above. The client and I work with different techniques and approaches until we find the most helpful and productive balance and rhythm.  For more on how I work, click here.

Life Outside Work

Like many of us, I struggle to reach a balance among the different parts of my life.  I spend much of my free time with my family and friends.  I try to attend to my creative needs by toying with amateur piano and very amateur writing.  As a child, I walked everywhere with my nose in a book and I am still a passionate reader of both fiction and non-fiction.  I try (not always successfully) to take care of my body by dancing and spin-cycling. And, I nurture my spirit with frequent walks through the Chicago Botanic Garden.